Nightmare about earthworms

Lots of earthworms were crawling on my legs.. both legs, right and left legs.. from upper thighs to toes..

I also could feel them inside my legs. I could feel them crawling in my legs.

I said “oh my god, what the fuck is this? what is happening?”

I tried to shake off these earthworms from my legs again and again, I even scratched my legs a lot so that I could get rid of them, but these earthworms were somehow so tough and they came out from nowhere, one after another.

My legs were completely covered with these earthworms, and I couldn´t do anything for this.

Ohhh soooo disgusting xD

My mother once told me that whenever I had a nightmare, I should write it down, especially when the nightmare became the one which I couldn´t forget.

I genuinely loathe earthworms.

Basically I have nightmares.  On rare occasions, I have wonderful dreams.

I have dreams every night, and these dreams are very very vivid.

A friend of mine has dreams in black and white, but I have never seen that kind of dream. Dreams I have are always depicted in color.

My brother always has a sound sleep without any dream, and so does my father.

However, my mother, like me, also suffered from nightmares.

Yoga, meditation…. nothing has worked.

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