Weird dreams

I have stayed in bed since last Thursday because I got a bad cold, and I had weird dreams several times.


1) Mother

My mother showed up in my dream. I don´t remember the details but I remember how I felt when I awoke from that dream.

She passed away 4 years ago, but in that dream, she was really fine, and very active.


2) Turtles in my mouth

I have kept more than 20 turtles since I was a child. So turtles are really important for me, and they are part of my family.

So, this dream was really shocking lol


This dream was something really disgusting.

There were two `I´s. I, who is myself, and the other I, who obesrves myself.. (this is difficult for me to explain xD)

I had 4 turtle eggs in my mouth. 3 of them successfully hatched in my mouth.

The rest also hatched in my mouth, but somehow this turtle wasn´t ready and it became sticky in my mouth.

It happened at the same time when those 3 turtles tried to walk in my mouth.

I felt them, and I also saw them (because there were two `I´s)

I woke up when  I felt like, `ohh what should I do.. this is so sticky..`


3) Me on a big ship (luxury liner)

In this dream, I was an elementary student whose inside was an adult. We went somewhere on a school trip.

I and two girls tried to escape from the group, and we made it.

We ran and ran. One of us said “Hey, Shino. I want to take you to a secret place, it´s a really nice and beautiful place. You must come with me.”  I was surprised and asked her “Where are you going?” The other girl took my hand and said “All you have to do is just follow her.”

We were in front of a luxury liner.

I said “I don´t have a ticket.”

Then, the girl who took us here said “I have already bought tickets for all of us. Here you are.”

She gave me a ticket. We went in, and we tried to find seats. This big ship was quite full.

It seemed there were no seats for us.

Then  the staff said to me, “You have a reservation ticket, so just try to find a seat whose number is on your ticket.”

The other girls had tickets but their tickets were not reservation tickets, and didn´t have numbers.

Only I could be seated.



Strange dreams..


Every time I had a dream about my mother, I felt down

I often feel that the world in a dream is way better than the world in this real world..

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