Terrible night

Last night was terrible.

It was kind of a hallucination or I guess it was a hypnopomic hallucination.

I saw some things shimmering in the darkness in my room. Deep blue color, and they were on the floor.

My focus was on them. I stared at them, then suddenly a shadow of a man entered my room. I was so terrified.

I thought it was a man because it was very tall.

He stood beside my bed. I felt something on my feet and my legs.  It was very warm but I was very terrified.

I still saw those things shimmering and they were still deep blue. I saw them but in fact I somehow thought that there were a lot of roses on the desk and someone would come to my room to clean it so that she could put flowers on the floor.

I felt the shadow touching my feet and legs, I saw some things shimmering blue, and at the same time I thought so.

It was so vivid.

I woke up, no, actually i was awake, and I looked at a clock and it was 3:30 in the morning.

I gradually realized that this was a dream or something like that, and not a reality.

I tured the light on, then everything disappeared.

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