My mother passed away on 6th March, after the long struggle with leukemia…
4 years ago, she was told about the leukemia that she had.

The doctor told her that she would live less than a month when he told her about the leukemia.
Since then, miracles had happened around her.
She lived 4 years!

I have been devastated by grief.
I just can’t believe that my mom passed away.
Oh, heck….time goes by sooooo slowly.

She had been a great fan of Metallica.
She asked me to play the song called “The Unforgiven”  throughout the funeral service.
According to her wishes, the funeral service was limited to family members, so we could do that.

My mom, my grandma and my friend all died of leukemia.
I myself had it at the age of 2.



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