Innsbruck, Austria 01 2011

I visited Innsbruck, Austria in 2011. The air was so fresh! Look at the beautifu mountains covered with snow!! More »

Kotka Finland 01 2011

Yep. I visited Kotka, in 2011. This city is full of nature. I enjoyed “Dark River Festival” there! More »

Hi, there!

Hello! I am Shino, a webmaster of this website, Purest Purple. The picture above is my avatar (I created this! More »


I had blue eyes in my dream

I had a strange dream today. I ate a lot.. I forgot the details on what kind of food I ate in this dream, thou


Gimpに初挑戦CDのアルバムジャケットのデザインのために、Gimpを使用することになりました。 ずっと前は、Pictbearを使っていたのですが、開発が終わったらしいので、これを期にGimpに初挑戦ということで・・・

Daily Digest for 4th November

Shared Gimpに初挑戦. Gimpに初挑戦 Thank you for visiting my website! I hope you will come back here someday!!! Copyrig

Unnecessary Objects

CDs! Thank you for visiting my website! I hope you will come back here someday!!! Copyright © 2011-2012 shino.

It’s time for reading

Reading is very important for me.Reading often compensates for lack of knowledge.Reading enriches my life.Read

The fog called Tambagiri

Do you know the fog called Tambagiri?This fog is kind of  a special fog because it creates fantastic scenery.

What is Halloween, anyway?

Oops. Everybody seems to have celebrated Halloween, then I say to myself, ashamed, “What is Halloween, a

Hamish Macbeth

I watched a TV drama called Hamish Macbeth. As always, Robert Carlyle was great in it!! I love this drama XD T

Reading Aloud

Definitely Stephen King XDI want to hear him reading some of his novles…such as The Green Mile, Rita Hayworth

Idiomatic Confusion

“Falling head over heals”, “Like beating a dead horse” e.t.c…There are lots of idiomat